Staff augmentation: grow your team easily with an optimized cost

Team augmentation may become a hard, costly and time-consuming task but with Lyncas, you can get around these obstacles


Why team augmentation with Lyncas is easy

With the staff augmentation benefits through Brazilian developers, you can accelerate the results in a simple way


Specialist professionals


Fluent English


Similar culture


No impacts with different time zones


International account manager supporting the process

Reasons to get know more about staff augmentation by Lyncas

Lyncas is much more than a team augmentation specialist company, our goal is to become a strategic partner for our clients, with a strong alignment of objectives


Cost optimized

Compared to outsourcing from US or offshore professionals, from India, for example, it is possible to find competitive values


Hiring time reduction

If a professional was not found, we have a hiring expert team to find the best option to the project


ROI maximization

With the cost optimization, it’s often possible to maintain a safe margin, focusing on return on investment


Nearshore operation

To facilitate the operation from our clients, all specialists work based on nearshore guidances


Fast selecting

Lyncas has a base of specialists in different technologies, ready to join projects immediately


Qualified professionals

We have an agile and quality hiring process, which includes assessments of soft and hard skills

How does our team augmentation solution work on a daily?

With staff augmentation very well-defined processes and a strategy validated by numerous clients, our solution seeks to adapt to the client's routine, contributing from the integration stage

The professional is inserted into the client’s routine

Once integrated, the specialist is part of the team that was inserted, participating in the entire work routine like any other employee

Being a partner, we walk side by side with our customers

An outsourcing coordinator evaluates the employee's performance and well-being, with specific involvement seeking to guarantee the quality of the professional's and Lyncas' work

Simple and direct communication

Control point meetings are held periodically between client and Lyncas, seeking to align expectations and next steps in the professional's journey

Focus on the employee retention

Lyncas has exclusive ceremonies focused on employee retention, seeking to avoid changes and impacts on projects

See what our customers are saying

We couldn't help but present our greatest treasure, our customers' opinions about our staff augmentation solution

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Who are us?

A reference in Brazil in the outsourcing of IT professionals, Lyncas also operates in the United States, focusing on staff augmentation/team augmentation, allocating Brazilian developers specialized in the main technologies on the market, combining the advantages of Lyncas work excellence with the benefits of nearshore acquisition for US companies


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